sneak peek at tasck 2.0
(above: Sneak Peak at TASCK 2.0's new interface including category capabilities, 3 priority levels, drag and drop reordering, and double click to edit features.)

About is the little todo list that could. Of all the online todo lists, TASCK stands out because it allows you to get more done in less clicks thanks to its ease of use, clean minimal design, and fast ajax based interface. The best part: it's free and ready to go as soon as the page loads up.

Tasck (= tack + task ) was made on a shoe-string budget but believe us, we're working hard and have many wonderful features planned. We're currently building traffic and looking for investors & donations (see below).

"I designed Tasck around the needs of busy freelancers, businessmen and women, soccer moms, students, and office workers who need a simple way to keep track of their busy lives without having to waste paper or fidget with complicated task managers." - Kristian

The design for tasck is kept as minimal and simple as possible because, although lots of features are nice, busy people who use todo lists don't have time to figure out how software works, they've got places to go and things to do.

However, if you find Tasck isn't enough for you and you need something with more features, check out Hmmmm the features of Todoist with the interface style of Tasck... that'd be awesome. We should join forces...


Launched: February 28th, 2009.
Registered users: 68 users.
Traffic: Site just launched.
Advertisers: Site just launched.


© 2008-2009 Kristian Stoyanov, All Rights Reserved.
Designed by Kristian
Devloped by Michael Leigeber from
Database Originally by Ayaz Ahmed

Future Features

- Drag & Drop functionality to re-order your tasks.
- Double-Click to edit an already created task.
- Categories!!! that are color coded
- New Architecture to speed up the site and make adding, editing, removing, and checking off tasks instant.
- Mobile & iPhone version
- Print feature


We're looking for investors to help fund advertising for the site, add more features to attract more visitors, and create a minimal but effective ad system to begin generating revenue while still keeping in sync with our purpose and goal: to organize and simplify people's complex lives and help them be more productive.


If you're able to, please donate anything, even $2 (and we'll credit you on the Login page) so we can be one step closer to Tasck 2.0.

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