tasck.com crashed really hard and canot be brought back up. I honestly don't have the money or time to get it working again. It's been a fun few years watching this little side project grow, I've spent a massive amount of money on it and never got anything out of it but I learned a lot. I'm so terribly sorry if you were one of the few users that used tasck on a daily basis. You can use a newer version of tasck by going to www.tasck.com/2 (you'll have to create a new account). I don't know how much longer the new version 2 will stay online, maybe for a few more years.

If you have some really important tascks that you lost and need emailed to you, I can go into the database and search for them and email them to you just email your username and the first 4 letters of your password:

junkymonkey at gmail dot com

Again, I'm terribly sorry if you lost your todolist and freaked out over it. It took me a while to find out tasck crashed in the first place. Maybe one day in the future when I have more money I can ramp up development on it. For now, just use tasck.com/2

- Chris Norstrom

=== My other side projects ===
- residentevilradio.com
- timeforzen.com
- chrisnorstrom.com
- dayonepp.com